Wednesday, September 1, 2010

For Your Consideraton: Nikola Tesla

Behind that glorious-in-context mustachio and that saucy expression lies the brain, heart, and digestive tract of a mad genius.

Often sidelined by public education in favor of his scientific rival, and I imagine arch nemisis, Thomas Alva Edison. While Edison was fucking around with lightbulbs, Tesla was busy harnessing electrical energy/inventing robots/blowing shit up with his crazy-ass Serbian mind (probably).

And, besides, did Edison have a mustache? Fuck no.

He also kind of looks like Ralph Fiennes. There, Hollywood, I did the work for you. Now give this man the movie he deserves. Dragons are optional, but robot battles are required.


  1. Great, now I whenever I see Voldemort, I will end up thinking of wait, that's awesome

  2. Tesla rules. Edison was just a thief.

  3. Tesla was the man and talk about Stache! Down With Edison!!!