Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sergio's Mustache Intervention

I don't know about you, but I pretty much live on CurrentTV now that we upgraded our cable package. Many shows reside on this little-known corner of television, like Al Gore's cutting edge news program Vanguard, the Rotton Tomatoes Show and InfoMania (a combo of Tosh.0 and The Soup.) And one of my favorite segments in it is Sergio's Music Intervention. It consists of a rather bored looking man, Sergio, calling out musicians on the shitty things they are doing, whether it be the loss of street cred, or their carreer as a whole. I knew once this man flushed Birdy Cyrus down the toilet, we would have a pretty pleasent relationship.

But there's one problem.


In case your confused, this...thing, rates as a 2 on the Stach-O-Meter (to your right.) That's right. The Pencil.

Not only this, but it also extends into a pretty embarassing goatee. Now, I'm all for freedom of facial hair, but I think we all can admit this combination is just ridiculous. So, Sergio, Teller of It Is, please, we beg of you. Just stop.

And I leave you with this gem.

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